Our Team

Chelsea Lester

"Hi, I'm Chelsea and I'm so excited to be one of Zebrulla's sponsored riders for 2017. I have a beautiful mother and son horse combination. Ruby (TL Veni Vedi Vici) is a 11 year old Trakhener and her son Oakley is a 4 year old Trakhener x Dutch Warmblood who I've owned since June this year. So far we've enjoyed attending clinics with Dirk Djikstra, Vanessa Hancox, Bakers Hill ARC, lessons with Kellie-Anne Crowe, Rebecca Tsouris and Liesl Wilding, hacking and some dressage competitions. I can't for you to follow my journey as I take my riding to the next level with Zebrulla Equestrian backing me the whole way."

Kathryn Mitchell

"Things are getting busy here in SA. Currently Im supporting some students that are competing at the Adelaide Royal Show. The next month brings two clinics, a day judging, two dressage championships and a holiday riding school camp.... eeeek! Makes me tired thinking of it but I wouldnt have it any other way. Tiger is progressing well and developing more strength needed for our PSG debut. I've also been breaking in a pony... I know..what the!! I've certainly learnt how to balance and working a whole new set of muscles as I try and ride such a tiny horse. Im soooooo grateful for the grooming gloves! I use them every day. They are so practical. The thermal Performa Rider jods are also a hot favourite at the moment as it is freezing here in the Adelaide Hills! Thankyou for your ongoing support xx"

Matilda Holton