Our Team

Chelsea Lester

Hi guys my name is Chelsea Lester, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and how I came to love horses and riding. When I was about 14 my dad brought me my first horse delta being a teenage girl I liked the idea of having a horse but other things started happening at that stage in life and I soon lost the interest after a few months ... Then about 8 years ago I unfortunately had a life changing experience and had been diagnosed with PTSD i really wasn't coping well i was feeling lost in life then I met my amazing husband and had a amazing little boy Quinn we relocated to Northam from Newman and brought a acreage .
I had a old friend who invited me to her place for a ride I hadn't been on a horse for nearly 20 years it was at this point I fell in love with horses again and started my equestrian journey and learning how to ride and care for these beautiful animals which i feel was meant to be as we did have a acreage i was able to set up our home to have them close by My horses have me helped me so much mentally and physically in one way I feel they have saved me i have also learnt a lot about horse fashion and love playing dress ups as I'm sure your all aware I love selfies and getting dressed up as well .. Im now the proud owner of Ruby Oakley and Smudge I love them all dearly (Oakley does drive me mad at times lol) and im so so so proud and honoured to be sponsored by zebrula and the best part is I gained a best friend from it Shanti xx



Hi I’m Hollie Mather, team Zebrula's youngest member. I event junior 1* on my Irish sport horse ESB Irish Consultant we have been a team for 3 years during this time we have competed at multiple state events, as well as attending nationals in New South Wales in 2019 to represent Western Australia.

I love being apart of team Zebrula as they are a family run business well known for their quality customer service and amazing products. My favourite product would definitely have to be their PEI boots I have a pair for each phase, as well as training. 




My name is Tanya Ferguson. I am 51 years old and have been riding and training since I was 7 years old. I worked at Horseland for many years and I grew up in Victoria and was classically trained in Dressage. I have however along the way taken on some other disciplines. I was Reining on the east coast and was awarded High Point Amateur Owner Reiner of Australia and various other State awards also for reining.

Showjumping is another discipline I feel passionate about and also competed with success. Particular strengths are in training young horses and OTTB. I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing people continue on with these young horses and love watching their journeys.

I'm currently embarking on a journey of my own and that is to take my two young ones up through the grades in dressage. Shine is rising 3yo and Fritz is rising 5yo so I have a long way to go in my endeavours.

I would also like to especially mention Shanti from Zebrula. I'm very grateful that you have taken me on as a sponsored rider and i hope to do you and Team Zebrula proud. I love all of products that Zebrula stock and the range of quality products is huge and suits all of my equestrian needs.



I am a Dressage and Show Horse rider based in the Perth Hills. I have been lucky enough to be raised in a horsey home so I have been riding and competing from a very young age.

I rode ponies when I was younger and moved through the ranks at pony club. I now train and compete on my warmblood horses, mainly in the dressage arena, however I do like to return to Show Horse for the major state championship shows.

My current competition horse is Gesusa Park Furst Light who is a 7 year old warmblood. I have now had him for two years and I am very much enjoying training him along in the young horse journey.

As I have competed from a young age I am fortunate enough to have many highlights such as competing and representing WA numerous times at national level in Show Horse and Pony Club dressage. One of my favourite Show Horse achievements was when my large show hack Donnington won the 2018 EWA Show Horse Large Hack of the year. In the Dressage arena one of my highlights was when my horse Gesusa Park Furst Light won the Uwe Spenlen Dressage horse of the year in 2019.

I immensely enjoy being a part of team Zebrula, my horses are always decked out in their products. I love that there is a large range of both Australian and International brands that we as customers have access to at very affordable prices, and of course what really makes it the best team to be on and the best shopping experience is Shanti’s incredible customer service, she is always happy to help and will go above and beyond to help me deck the horse out in the very best equipment.

In my every day training and care of the horses some of the main products I use from the Zebrula Shop are; Ps Of Sweden saddle pads and snaffle bridle, PEI Saddle pads, Equienz bell boots, strip hair groomer, PEI Infer red wrap boots, Horze gloves and PEI and PS of Sweden breeches.