Our Team

Chelsea Lester

Hi guys my name is Chelsea Lester, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and how I came to love horses and riding. When I was about 14 my dad brought me my first horse delta being a teenage girl I liked the idea of having a horse but other things started happening at that stage in life and I soon lost the interest after a few months ... Then about 8 years ago I unfortunately had a life changing experience and had been diagnosed with PTSD i really wasn't coping well i was feeling lost in life then I met my amazing husband and had a amazing little boy Quinn we relocated to Northam from Newman and brought a acreage .
I had a old friend who invited me to her place for a ride I hadn't been on a horse for nearly 20 years it was at this point I fell in love with horses again and started my equestrian journey and learning how to ride and care for these beautiful animals which i feel was meant to be as we did have a acreage i was able to set up our home to have them close by My horses have me helped me so much mentally and physically in one way I feel they have saved me i have also learnt a lot about horse fashion and love playing dress ups as I'm sure your all aware I love selfies and getting dressed up as well .. Im now the proud owner of Ruby Oakley and Smudge I love them all dearly (Oakley does drive me mad at times lol) and im so so so proud and honoured to be sponsored by zebrula and the best part is I gained a best friend from it Shanti xx



Hi I’m Hollie Mather, team Zebrula's youngest member. I event junior 1* on my Irish sport horse ESB Irish Consultant we have been a team for 3 years during this time we have competed at multiple state events, as well as attending nationals in New South Wales in 2019 to represent Western Australia.

I love being apart of team Zebrula as they are a family run business well known for their quality customer service and amazing products. My favourite product would definitely have to be their PEI boots I have a pair for each phase, as well as training.