HSE Hot Oil Coat Conditioner

HSE Hot Oil Coat Conditioner

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HSE Hot Oil is the most versatile and one of our most popular products. Hot Oil can be used so many ways for brilliant conditioning and shine on the coat.  It is a water dispersable oil that can be used with hot/warm water or cold, and from very small dilution to neat oil straight on the hair or skin.


Formulated for horse hair & skin, it has a Coconut Oil base combined with a variety of natural oils all targeted at improving the quality & condition of the hair and skin.  Why Coconut Oil?  Coconut is one of the few natural oils that is able to penetrate the hair shaft due to it's molecular size, it is also a very stable oil with a long shelf life so that it remains active and beneficial for longer and in almost any climate.  Combined with our other naturals including Jojoba, Almond & Vitamin E, HSE Hot Oil is the perfect remedy for dry, flakey skin, sunburnt and dead hair, and also for putting the moisture back into clipped coats.


For the show horse... you only get one chance at first impression, a beautiful coat and skin screams QUALITY to the judge. Get the very best coat shine and skin with HSE Hot Oil.


Why would I use it?


Sun, sweat, dirt, sand, excercise, ill health, rugging & shampoos all contribute to stripping the natural sebum that the horse produces to keep its skin & hair healthy and provide a barrier against infections, biting insects and also waterproofing in wet weather.  It takes over a week for the body & skin to restore this natural barrier, and longer for this to distribute through to the ends of the hair giving the coat hair some protectection & shine.

Using a premium quality, natural oil based conditioner like HSE Hot Oil, instantly provides the skin and hair with moisture and shine, keeps the waterproofing balance up, and protects against any further damage.  Another benefit of keeping the oils up to your horses coat is easy grooming... oil under the hair at the base of the skin will naturally push up dirt and debri, as well as dead skin cells/scurf (which turns into dandruff) to the surface of the coat making it easier and quicker to groom.


How do I use it??


The short answer is - however you like.  At HSE we have used our Hot Oil every which way on our own horses and the results range from instant WOW, to 3 days later WOW.

As the name suggests, HOT Oil is most effective when combined with warm water as this activates the oil, warms up the skin and opens the hair follicle for maximum absorption.  When used with cold water, you still get the brilliant conditioning result, but it will take longer for the oils to warm up to body temperature to be more readily absorbed.


Pour, Sponge or Spray??


All of the above.  Hot Oil can be used as an after work rinse eg; pop a dollop into a small bucket and pour over the coat after shampooing or hosing down. Scrape the excess off and your done.

Sponging over the coat every few days even if dry will a have the coat looking and feeling amazing.


As an everyday grooming aid, Hot Oil can be mixed into a spray bottle either as a strong mix or light mixture.  Spray over sections of the coat and curry or brush through.  Hot Oil will not leave build up and keeps the coats natural protective barrier in place for a stunning shine and healthy hair.


Neat?   HSE Hot Oil can be used neat/undiluted as a highlighter for eyes, muzzles and skin areas. So much better for the horses skin than Baby Oils.


How Much?


Hot Oil can be diluted into water at any ratio depending on the effect you need.  As a guide for light everday conditioning in a spray bottle we use 50mls in 500ml of water as a heavy spray for very dry/damaged coats, or 25ml (3 cap fulls) as a regular conditioning spray. 

A litre bottle of concentrated Hot Oil will make up to 25 litres of coat conditioning spray!! Thats real value!


For bathing or rinsing, a light rinse may be 50ml to a small (10lt) bucket of water, and a heavy treatment for very dry/damaged hair or after clipping could be 100/200ml in a small bucket of water.


Every horse is different, length and type of hair, breed and time of year are all individual, so we encourage customers to have a play with their ratio of Hot Oil to water to find the best amount that suits their horse for a particular purpose.